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August 21, 2020

Discos and nightclubs are closed and will likely stay that way for a long time. For many people, a crucial aspect of their social life has collapsed. These establishments have traditionally always been important places for flirting and finding a partner.

So how do lonely hearts find someone in these difficult times? Of course, you can register in an online dating app on the Internet, and you will get suggestions for several partners who are supposed to suit you. But can it really be that simple, or isn’t there something crucial missing? How can you tell on the Internet that the chemistry between you and another person is right? When you meet in real life, for example in a disco, you can usually feel an instant connection between yourself and another person. It’s not so easy to experience this special feeling on the Internet. A simple photo is often not enough to develop a feeling of emotional closeness to another person.

You can compensate for this missing element with our algorithms. Perhaps this approach is not quite as exciting, but just as effective as the 6th sense, which tells you, while dancing and flirting in a disco: It is really him or her. We offer you the opportunity to narrow down the circle of online dating candidates to the very best people with whom your personal chemistry is perfectly coordinated, or, as one can also say, with whom “the sparks fly immediately”. When you meet people in real life, you will see an instant connection! The price is minimal, and the yield is high.

Our YourLoveCode love test helps you to get to know fascinating and, above all, emotionally and energetically suitable, great people online. Even in these complicated times, without discos and nightclubs, this is still possible. We’ll help you.

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