The theory of love connection

Original History of YourLoveCode
After my divorce, I also asked myself how I can find the right kind of partner for a new relationship. During this time, I discovered the cover of the magazine “Psychologie Heute” with the headline "Choosing a partner: Happiness is achievable" (in original: „Partnerwahl: Das Glück ist machbar“). I've thought a lot about love and how well functioning relationships are build...
The creator and his personal experiences
The YourLoveCode project was designed as a specialized tool that can help singles. As the initiator and founder of the project, I do not hold back anything from the public and present my personal YourLoveCode test results, which are based on my previous relationships and the women I felt attracted to:...
Take in account before you use our service
YourLoveCode was primarily invented to make it easier for two singles on their first date. We want to create a synchronous connection between potential partners. You are always your own boss, because when two people meet, your 100 billion neurons and the other person's 100 billion are automatically activated and interact...
How does the Matching key work?

1. You have 3 free tests at your disposal.

2. Enjoy the free games and get to know us better.

3. YourLoveCode is based on more than 120,000 comparative tests.

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5 x similarity rule
The article explained that choosing a life partner mostly relies on physical similarity. A thesis just as fascinating as obvious. Does the secret of finding your true love and the creation of a long-lasting relationship lie in finding the one person in a million, which is the most similar to us?...
When should you use YLC?
Genetic similarity is just one of the factors that influence our actual resemblance to other people. One's cultural background, material status, family situation, life experience and memories matter just as much as the genetic similarity...


We do not aim at giving you the ready-made solution – we are not a dating website and we do not offer a base of potential ‘candidates’ for finding your soulmate. We offer a tool to verify your choice, while keeping the objective analytic approach. Our love compatibility test can help you find the right person. Dating can be easier. Your Love Code, love compatibility test, will help you get closer to this one person. Maybe soon you will meet your soulmate?