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June 25, 2020

  1. You have 3 free tests at your disposal.
  2. Enjoy the free games and get to know us better.
  3. YourLoveCode is based on more than 120,000 comparative tests.
  4. The test is based on the 5x essential similarity rules and compares, among other things, various synchronous energies (approx. 80 comparison algorithms) from different levels such as: Spirituality, Sexuality, Love, Friendship, Hostility, Personal Development, Marriage, Permanence and Biorhythms.
  5. We present the result in percent (%) divided into: Harmony, Sexuality, Spirituality – in the Harmony result we consider all individual results from all algorithms including the results of sexuality and spirituality. The harmony result is the most important result for predicting the success of a relationship.
  6. It is a clear mathematical-statistical concept that calculates an energy balance between 2 people that is based on a real scientific basis, this means that it has nothing to do with magic, prophecy or esotericism.
  7. Many well-known scientists, among others Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, Carl Gustav Jung, Johannes Kepler searched for the shortest possible ways to achieve different results in the spheres of knowledge presented by YourLoveCode.
  8. Every human being is not only matter, but also forms a unique energetic matrix. This matrix is defined by a series of algorithms that consider the following parameters:

Take in account before you use our service

5 x similarity rule