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June 25, 2020

Sometimes, no matter how good the match seems, the energy just doesn’t flow during the meeting because one of the participants is blocking it. Reasons for this blockage could be:

  1. that the partner is too thin or too fat,
  2. that it is too small or too large,
  3. not moving properly,
  4. that he has the wrong social status,
  5. or has the wrong voice,
  6. or not dressing the way we want,
  7. that he has the wrong IQ,
  8. or his inner love energy map according to John Money(**) not synchronous enough is.
(*) We define intuition as what is experienced and stored consciously and unconsciously by humans from birth, which is subject to a process of constant influence and development. What has been experienced and stored is shown and documented in the form of a type of matrix information energy that contains individual characteristics for each person. “We don’t choose each other randomly. We meet only those who exist in our subconscious” – S. Freud.

(**) According to sexologist John Money, we fall in love because of our inner love energy map, which forms throughout life starting from childhood and then solidifies into a pattern as we grow older and begin our search for potential mates. This is how we form an unconscious mental image that is compared to reality. The greater the overlap between this pattern and the pattern of the other person we meet, the greater our chances of falling in love with that person.

If the parameters of your energetic matching are very low according to our test, and you still want to meet your potential partner, then just do it!

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