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The following couples confirm the authenticity of our algorithms.

Audrey Hepburn

Melchor Gaston Ferrer

The couple met at a party in London and they immediately felt something for each other. Passion proved to be an insurmountable force for both of them. In their first years of marriage, they were very happy and madly in love. Over time, however, conflicts between them became more frequent and they resembled two co-workers rather than a couple of people in love. In 1968, after fourteen years of marriage, the couple divorced.

Andrea Paolo Mario Dotti

Audrey met her second husband Andrea during a trip to Greece and although, he was nine years younger than the actress, all that mattered was passion. They were in love with each other and after six months of romance they decided to get married. Unfortunately, for Audrey the most important thing was her family, while her husband did not intend to give up his promiscuous life and his infidelity led to the breakdown of the marriage.
Charles Spencer Chaplin

Mildred Harris

Charlie Chaplin and Mildred Harris married in 1918 in secret, fearing a scandal because 16-year-old Mildred was likely to be pregnant. During their three-year marriage, they often quarreled. After the tragic death of their newborn child, they decided to end their marriage.

Lillita Louise MacMurray

Charlie met his second wife, Lillita McMurray, on the set of the movie The Kid, when he was newly divorced. He fell in love with a 12-year-old girl, but they officially began dating four years later. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last long, ending in divorce after three years.
Grace Grimaldi and Rainier III
The meeting between the prince and the actress was arranged by journalists, who organized a photo session. The prince was under the great charm of Grace and she fell in love with him like a teenage girl. Their wedding was hailed as the wedding of the century, although it is said that the prince decided to marry a Hollywood star to bring wealthy people to Monaco, which was facing bankruptcy and ultimately chose Grace Kelly.
Ava Lavinia Gardner

Arthur Jacob Arshawsky

Ava was introduced to her second husband by a mutual friend. The couple married in 1945. Their marriage was full of quarrels as well as passion. Eventually, Artie’s desire to make his wife an intellectual ruined their love and led to the breakdown of their marriage.

Francis Albert Sinatra

Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra’s relationship began as an affair while the musician was still married to his first wife. Their marriage, though passionate, was very turbulent and ended after a few years. According to our reliable analysis, the result of their energy matching is not so good, and the lack of synchrony could have been the reason their relationship didn’t last.
Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Gastone Zeffiro Rossellini
The romance of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini was one of the most commented and highly emotional relationships in the history of cinema. Despite adversity and constant judgment, the couple got married and enjoyed their marriage. Within seven years they had three children, but their feelings weakened, which eventually ended in divorce.
William Clark Gable

Josephine Dillon

There are at least two different versions of Clark and Josephine’s first meeting, though the most important thing is that they liked each other from the beginning. In order to be able to move to Hollywood, they decided to marry in 1924. Unfortunately, their marriage did not go well and they said that their marriage was more contractual than out of love.

Carole Lombard

Clark Gable and Carole Lombard met appearing together in the 1932 movie No Man of Her Own, and four years later they met again at a party and soon became inseparable. Unfortunately, their marriage also had its dark sides, but they remained together until the tragic death of the actress.
Marlon Brando Jr.

Anna Kashfi

Marlon and Anna met for the first time probably in the summer of 1956, married a year later, and soon after their son was born. Brando was so in love with a young actress that he proposed to her after a few months of dating. Unfortunately, their marriage did not survive, and the reason for their breakup was probably Anna’s lie about her origins, which Marlon could not forgive.

Maria Luisa Castaneda

Marlon met his second wife on the movie set of Viva Zapata! in 1959 and shortly after his divorce, he proposed to Maria. Unfortunately, she refused the first time because of his reputation as a promiscuous lover, but she eventually agreed and they married in 1960. Unfortunately, their marriage also ended because of Malon’s infidelity.

Tarita Teriipia

Tarita Teriipaia and Marlon met on the movie set of The Bounty. Unfortunately, the young actress also didn’t want to engage in an affair with a man (17 years older) with a bad reputation. Despite this, Marlon didn’t give up and fought for the love of his beloved. They married in 1962 and had two children together, although unfortunately their marriage also ended in divorce.
Frank James Cooper and Veronica Cooper
Frank and Veronica were married on December 15, in 1933, and two years later their daughter Maria was born. In 1951, the couple decided to separate, but only temporarily, as they made up in 1953 and remained married until the actor’s death in 1961. Our algorithms confirm their very good energy matching.