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December 29, 2020

Empathy: Being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes is crucial in romantic situations and in your dating life. An empathic person is highly sensitive to feeling what other people want and can sense another person’s emotional attractiveness intimately. YourLoveCode has scientifically decoded this life-energy characteristic of true love! According to the third hermetic law (the Kybalion), everything vibrates and is in motion. Empathy is the mental manifestation of these vibrations. Empathy inspires us, awakens our energy and personal creativity while we seek romantic connections. When we feel more and more connected to another person through our thoughts, we can decode emotional signals.

Above all, empathic people have this fine seventh sense for each other. This can allow them to communicate telepathically while seeking true love. Everyone has certainly experienced this in star-crossed romantic moments. Sometimes we expect a message and at the same time the longed-for message arrives because we feel that we are emotionally connected to the sender.

Especially in phases of mental insecurity, for example at the beginning of a relationship, we can focus on empathy and rely on it to find true love. It is a very effective method to find a suitable partner. If you want to practice this, you consciously think a certain thought several times a day, which is stored in the subconscious and then send this thought to the person with whom you are emotionally connected.

The YourLoveCode test is based on energy transmission of life energy, which in turn plays an important role in interpersonal empathy. This is a crucial argument to trust us and simply try out the test while you are looking for a star-crossed love.

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