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December 29, 2020

1. The nature of the paragon of beauty

Couple formation is perceived in the world of media, dating platforms, films, as well as literature, from the perspective of paragons of beauty. The aesthetic ideal concept is based on face symmetry, which can be measured by the golden ratio. Every year, the most beautiful men and women from the media industry are selected. In the past, for example, such well-known individuals as Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson and Penélope Cruz won the title of the most beautiful and desired individuals on Earth. They got top scores and obtained 10 points.

With respect to finding the individual who will be the right match for us, we often come across one question we see in books, magazines, and films. That question is: “How would you rate your attractiveness on the scale from 1 to 10”? A person needs to compare themselves with individuals that the media consider the best-looking people on the planet. The big problem is that those who pose such questions do not, unfortunately, understand the matching mechanism of couple formation. What does it mean, when an individual is asked to compare their appearance with, for example, Scarlet Johansson or Brad Pitt, and fails to notice any resemblance, which leads them to underestimate their own attractiveness?

On the attractiveness scale, such a person gives themselves, for instance, only one point out of 3 or 4, and wrongly believes that the question asked by the so-called experts is justified and meaningful. This way, the person doing such survey evokes only negative emotions, such as uncertainty and decreasing self-esteem. How can one, in such a situation, develop a confident manner, which is essential while searching for a partner? Where in all that is optimism and happiness, which are vital for real successes in all areas of life, in the private sphere? One can also wonder whether matching mechanisms created by the media can be applied in real life. The answer is: absolutely not.

Albert Einstein once said: “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”.

2. Scientific basis of matching mechanisms

To decode the matching mechanisms for finding the right partner, we used the latest insights from various fields of quantum theory, which could be called the physics of relationships and possibilities. What have also incorporated here, is knowledge from such areas as neurology, psychology, and cosmology.

That led us to acknowledge the following:

  • If Einstein’s equation proves that everything is energy, it naturally means that also love constitutes energy and has, like any other energy form, its frequency.
  • Scientists specialized in consciousness, Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose, discovered that our brain is like an extremely wise antennae resembling a radio receiver that is able to pick our thoughts.
  • There is no matter as such. Matter does not consist of substance, but vibrations that relate to each other and exchange information. Is there actually solid matter? In 1984 Carlo Rubbia received the Nobel Prize for proving that matter consists of mass only in a tiny fraction – the rest is vacuum.
  • “Like other beings, a human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe’ – a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and feelings, as something separated from the rest – but it is only a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness”. Albert Einstein
  • All processes in living beings rely on electromagnetic forces. Electromagnetism plays a fundamental role for all life processes.
  • Electromagnetic waves which transmit information from radio, television and mobile phones are commonplace in our civilization. But one should also be aware that electromagnetic phenomena have fundamental importance in the quantum theory for the transmission of information as “light quantum or photons”. They can be observed in all living creatures and their brains.
  • All processes occurring in living systems, whether chemical or biological, rely on electromagnetic interactions. The enormous photon wave lengths emitted from the brain can, in combination with the tunnel effect, be associated with the phenomenon that C.C. Jung and Wolfgang Pauli referred to as ‘synchronicity’.
  • It is only through electromagnetic interactions, i.e., photon interactions, that a message may reach its recipient. The sense of hearing also relies on the interaction of air molecules with the structure of eardrums – in other words, the exchange of photons.
  • Matter and energy constitute densely packed quantum information.
  • The quantum theory may also be characterized as the physics of relationships and possibilities.
  • Our social and cultural relationships go beyond the mere co-existence. In a certain way, they generate new information structures that may be carried by several people at the same time.

If we consider the above interdependencies in the context of matching people, we can come to the following conclusions:

  • False beauty ideal promoted by the media became a problem for many potential couples. It is important to realize that external aspects may only affect the flow of energy when one, wrongly, believes in them. When two individuals meet, billions of neurons are immediately activated. It is those unconscious energy processes that we want to draw the public attention to.
  • It means that, in general, we can communicate with each other by energy transmission. Matching energies will attract each other and create favorable constellations.
  • The complexity of partner selection will be easier to understand when we realize the predominant role of intuition and perception of senses that carries energy-loaded information. What we understand as intuition is everything that we have experienced and that was retrieved by both parties, consciously and unconsciously, before the meeting to be able to determine whether two individuals could be the right match.
  • It is true indeed, that relationships evolve following archaic mechanisms. Unconscious sensations play a fundamental role in this. YourLoveCode deciphered those unconscious aspects for those seeking a relationship.
  • Face symmetry is important, yet not in a way which the media often seem to portray. Our studies show that potential couples often have symmetrical, that is, similar faces. The higher that similarity is, the better match they form. Yet, this has nothing to do with the beauty ideal and the golden ratio that the media seem so keen to promote for an unknown reason.
  • We have determined that there is no objective paragon of beauty, nor universally matching energy.
  • Emotional closeness develops not through objective similarity, but because people perceive each other as similar. What is of profound importance here, is the emotional closeness that emerges because of adapting matrix energy.

3. Love code and its practical application

We consist of energy – information matrix and love characterized as an intensity of compatible, i.e., synchronic vibrations. This led us to develop a love test called YourLoveCode. YourLoveCode consists of more than 100 compatibility algorithms that can capture energy matrix between two potential partners. Thanks to that test, we can determine the degree to which two individuals exhibit matching energy characteristics. Yet, the confirmation of suitability for one another may only be obtained during a direct meeting between two potential partners, when 100 billion neurons of one person and 100 billion of another become active. The knowledge we have applied in the development of the algorithms was directly or indirectly promoted by Pythagoras and other well-known scientists, such as Isaac Newton, Carl Gustav Jung, David Bohm and Johannes Kepler, included also Wolfgang Pauli the Nobel Prize winner in physics for the formulation of his Pauli-Principle in 1945. Pauli foresaw the existence of neutrinos Already as early as 1930.


Disinformation through ideals of beauty

Society’s ideal of beauty is based on an idealistic aesthetic concept, which in turn can be measured by the Golden ratio.

However, the so-called experts who propagate this false ideal of beauty have no idea on which fundamental pillars real dream relationships are really based. No one needs to diminish their dating potential by comparing themselves to Scarlett Johansson or Brad Pitt. YourLoveCode exposed these universal untruths.

To unravel the great mystery behind star-crossed relationships, we used the latest insights from different areas of quantum theory to understand and harness the universal truth behind our individual dating potential and empower singles to find their source of happiness. All processes in living organisms, whether chemical or biological, are based on electromagnetic interactions. The enormous wavelengths of photons emitted by the brain, in combination with the tunnel effect, can be linked to the phenomenon that C.C. Jung and Wolfgang Pauli call it “synchronicity”. Quantum theory can also be characterized as the physics of authentic relationships and romantic possibilities. A universal truth is that our social relationships and cultural connections transcend beauty standards and media propaganda, yet this simple truth goes untapped by many singles. The false ideal of beauty promoted by the media became a problem for many singles. The only universal truth is that on a date, billions of neurons are activated by the life-energy of both singles. YourLoveCode helps you spice up your dating life through the application of this scientific knowledge.

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