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August 21, 2020

Aren’t we all into gossip from time to time, and stop by Internet sites like Cosmopolitan and Daily Mail to satisfy this need? And let’s be honest, everyone has a crush among celebrities and movie stars, or at least someone he or she likes more than a little bit! Is this feeling just based on looks, or is there more to it?

We propose the following to you. Before you play the matching game, think of the 5 celebrities or movie stars you particularly like and with whom you would meet on a hypothetical date in real life. Sure, it’s extremely unlikely to ever meet these people, but of course that’s not the point of the game. The attraction we feel towards our Hollywood crush is ultimately based on the same fundamental energies that we share with the people we meet in real life. As a member of our team, I, of course, tried the game myself with amazing results. I received 2 of my absolute favorite actresses as part of my final result and was amazed by this outcome. Going beyond all theories, this result convinced me that the YourLoveCode project provides great and useful results for our life and can really help people in finding a partner for a relationship.

For me, the following question arose. Why do I like these two actresses? Isn’t it mainly the looks? Yes, they are both very good-looking, but there are a lot of actresses who look just as good on the outside as these two who were part of my result. So, it’s about more than external beauty. My “chemistry” is just right with both actresses. Their energy is highly compatible to mine. That is the great secret of interpersonal attraction, which goes beyond external beauty.

When you meet someone, you understand well, or you really like in real life, the energetic situation it is comparable to liking your Hollywood crush that you are unlikely to meet in real life because it is all about the energy that flows between you that connects all compatible people. The game is not only fun, but we also make every bet that at least 1 or 2 of the celebrities who are calculated by our algorithms will suit your taste, or spoken in a clear language, the chemistry between you and the stars will be absolutely right (in the language of YLC – your energies are super compatible).

Just give it a try, the Hollywood Game is FREE.

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