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January 13, 2022

When is a match a match and does the perfect couple exist? In the media, dream couples are presented again and again that supposedly are the perfect match for each other. Football stars date models, and film stars date other film stars or Silicon Valley magnates. Many media experts would say that beauty, fame, and wealth are the deciding factors when choosing a partner, and we admit that these obvious facts can be decisive in many relationships, but the truth is not so superficial. We are talking specifically about the personal energy that each person radiates and that vibrates on a special, individual frequency in each person. This energy is as unique as a fingerprint, and it interacts with all other energy fields that we encounter in our daily lives. When two people meet, the degree of synchronicity of their energetic fields is decisive for whether people understand each other intuitively, but also whether true love can arise between two people. The long-term duration of this love also often depends on whether the energetic-synchronous behavior of the couple is predominantly maintained and cultivated. The YourLoveCode algorithms allow us to test every potential couple very quickly for the similarity of the energetic-synchronous resonance. This test is straightforward and inexpensive. This means that you will get a matching result, which is not based on sorcery, prophecy, or esotericism.

Please also note that we have checked thousands of pairs according to our individual formulas and have implemented a clear mathematical-statistical concept.

Ultimately, only real facts can convince, and we offer you these facts and benefits that prove and help you to understand that:

  1. People realize that synchronous energy is measurable and is also a cornerstone for the creation of a potential loving relationship.
  2. People looking for a partner can maximize their chances of finding love with
  3. The influence of false ideals of beauty can be avoided.
  4. Time is saved when looking for a partner.
  5. Mental problems and disappointments with wrong decisions when looking for a partner can be avoided.
  6. The flow of energy between two people is an important physical parameter, but it can only be continued or even developed after the beginning of a relationship when two people maintain amicable, and harmonious behavior with one another.

Beyond that, let’s not forget that the human brain contains approximately 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion neuronal connections. The number of links thus exceeds the number of stars in our Milky Way galaxy. The complexity of human love and the behavior of loving couples is thus related to the complexity of the human brain itself.

We also agree with the thesis that there no random relationships between couples exist. These love connections arise mainly from the constantly changing inner love-energy map, which was described by the sexologist John Money. This love card develops, among other things, in our childhood and then solidifies into a pattern. The greater the overlap between this pattern and the pattern of the other person we encounter, the greater our chances of creating a real connection and falling in love with that person.

However, the lack of this similarity explains why it can happen that a person sometimes fits very well to our energy pattern but is still not suitable as a potential soul-mate.

That’s why it’s just like that, if the parameters of your energetic matching are very low, and you still want to meet your potential partner, then just do it.

Our test is mainly useful for those people who cannot clearly assign the flow of energy that they feel while looking to a picture. I, such cases, you radiate insufficiently developed empathy skills, and the image does not transmit enough positive energy back to you, or the other way around. The best way to check the energetic match is of course during a face-to-face meeting.

What’s the quickest way to get to know us better? Play our free games, or use the free analysis 10- times to learn that, for example:

  • An eternal Hollywood single married the partner with whom he achieved the best synchronous energy result (He G.C.) Coincidence? We say no.
  • As one of the currently most famous models and influencers in the world, who achieved 4- times the perfect result + and one high result in the energy match with the 5 boyfriends of the last few years (She K.J.) Coincidence? We say no.
  • The best athletes achieve above-average results in the energy match with their partners. Coincidence? We say no!!


YourLoveCode and Love

Why should you believe in true love and does the perfect love relationship exist? How likely is it that your star—crossed relationship will last? YourLoveCode helps you to decipher whether authentic relationships are possible! In the media, dream couples are presented again and again, which supposedly fit together like in romantic movies. Football stars date models and movie stars date other movie stars or Silicon Valley magnates. The whole dating system seems superficial, predictable, and is often based on a romance trope. The truth of romantic connections, however, lies much deeper and is at the same time super satisfying. The great secret that almost nobody knows is the powerful life energy that every human being radiates and that vibrates at a special, individual frequency for each person. This life energy is as unique as a human fingerprint, and it interacts with all other interpersonal energy fields that we encounter daily. When two people meet on a date, the level of synchronicity in their energetic fields is essential to whether a shard future is possible, and whether intimacy and passion become a reality. The YourLoveCode project allows us to test each potential  couple very quickly for the similarity of the energetic-synchronous resonance, since we have already tested thousands of  couples according to high scientific standards and therefore are able to determine the dating potential of each couple accurately.

We address all singles who are looking for a great date and want to know if romantic connections and meaningful conversations are truly possible if you meet during moments of joy. Checking compatibility also increases the likelihood of meeting the love of your life and finding your personal source of happiness.  The primary purpose of the YourLoveCode relationship test is to provide singles with a top-of-the-line dream partner search tool that enriches your dating life and gives you the intuitive ability to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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