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February 5, 2021

The most famous writers and poets have dealt with these themes sufficiently in their works, but there is still a lack of real understanding about the scientific aspects of these topics, that can be analyzed and used by all singles in everyday life when looking for a romantic partner. We want to change that now!

It is fundamentally important to understand that everything that exists is ultimately only energy on a subatomic level. Matter, spirit, and yes, love too, are composed of energy that vibrates at a certain quantum frequency. This quantum frequency differs from person to person, but it is logical that the more similar two people vibrate energetically with each other, the higher the chance of spiritual and emotional harmony between a potential romantic couple. The Pauli effect describes the possibility that two objects are connected to one another on an energetically synchronous quantum level. Amusingly, the effect in this case was that technical devices close to Wolfgang Pauli regularly broken. This phenomenon of a synchronous-energetic connection between a person and inanimate objects, observed by other people, can be transferred more strongly to the energetic currents between two living people.

We can of course also use this effect in the search for the ideal romantic partner by finding out how similar the energies are that flow between two people. Unfortunately, many relationships are based on other factors such as outer appearance, status, and money. It is therefore no wonder why there are so many divorces and why so many relationships fail. Many of these couples were never really a good fit! It is therefore important to avoid such situations, which can be very stressful for a couple, and to build a relationship on a harmonious and synchronous basis from the beginning. Of course, there is never a guarantee of success, but the right energy is just incredibly important to build a happy and sexually strong relationship, says author Scott Jeffrey. Good sex is also primarily based on sharing the right sexual energy with your partner. We agree because that’s the main reason we developed our test for singles.

Our mission goals can be set out in three simple premises:


We want to connect suitable people so that singles can find the best partner for them as quickly as possible.


We want that all singles have the opportunity for a long-term, harmonious, and sexually satisfying relationship with the best possible energetically synchronous partner.


We want to make life easier for all singles so that they don’t waste their harmonious energy on the wrong people who cannot make them happy in the long run.
The YourLoveCode test covers all three premises. This is the reason we consider it a valuable tool that, when you consider the enormous range of applications, is made available by us extremely cheaply.


The scientific truth behind love

The greatest writers and poets have dealt with the great feeling love in their works quite a bit though history, but a scientific understanding of these deep feelings is still missing!

YourLoveCode has set itself the goal of making the nature of our reality clear to all people. Matter, spirit, and yes, even love, at their subatomic level, are life energy vibrating at a specific quantum frequency. This quantum frequency differs from person to person, the more similar the frequencies of two singles are, the higher your chances of creating your dream relationship and building a future together. The Pauli effect already describes the phenomenon of a synchronous energetic connection between inanimate objects but can be transferred even more strongly to human life energy.

YourLoveCode uses this universal truth to increase your personal dating potential when looking for a partner. Unfortunately, many relationships are based solely on looks, status, and financial gain. The bitter truth is that on an emotional and romantic level, many failed relationships should have never existed! Of course, there is no absolute guarantee of success, but a similar life energy is simply incredibly important to build a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Good sex is also primarily based on the right sexual energy, which is a subtype of life energy. YourLoveCode has dedicated itself to the goal of enriching your dating life and has developed an extremely useful tool on a scientific basis that makes the great life secret of life energy available to all singles for a very low price.

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