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July 15, 2020

This term is very popular nowadays. Many celebrities are considered to be Power Couples, and this is what many strive to. Does it mean that to be considered a Power Couple, you must be rich and famous?
Of course not. Not money and fame, but a teammate mindset is crucial. No matter what situation you are in right now, if you have someone who has the same aims and values, you can be whoever you want. It’s not enough to find someone who only seems attractive, or you like to spend time with him/her. There can be plenty of such people. You need to find someone special, whose energy matches your energy, to create a Power Couple. This is exactly what YourLoveCode deals with – we check whether the energies of two people match together. In everyday language, we call it the chemistry between people. Of course, it’s not enough to get to know someone whose energy suits you, it’s just the first step. You may ask whether it won’t be a problem if you and your partner’s energies are similar. We’ve heard many times that opposite attracts. However, nobody has proved it. How to check it? Let’s look at the most famous power couples in the world. Are they similar or different?


Beyoncé and Jay-Z – both are artists, connected to music. They are from the same ethnic group. They love luxury and to be in the spotlight. They like to share their private life and go down as a perfect married couple. Probably, neither of them could be in a relationship with someone shy and modest.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson – this couple is amazing! They have been married for 31 years! When they met it was a very difficult time for both but thanks to strong affection, ambition, and support they’ve achieved a resounding success! We checked the synchronicity of their energies, and they have perfect result! Indeed, we’re not surprised but, it’s one more proof that our tool works!

Michelle and Barack Obama’s – both are well-educated and very intelligent. They are from the same ethnic group and both experienced race segregation in the United States. Because of it, they set the same goal, to get rid of racism and change their lives. Thanks to their similarity, they are a very strong and powerful couple.

As you can see, similarity between people in relationship enable them mutual understanding. Thanks to it, they can support each other and set the same goals. It’s not easy to find out whether someone is your soulmate. You may think – how can I know if this person is the right one? Well, there are many important aspects of this, but the energy is one of the most crucial. We cannot answer this question, but we can help you in the first step.

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