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The following couples confirm the authenticity of our algorithms.

Andrew Carnegie and Louise Whitfield Carnegie
Andrew and Louise met when he was 45 and she 23. They both built a strong friendship, then it turned into an affair, until they finally got engaged and married in 1887. Andrew’s most trusted companion was his wife, without whom he repeatedly said he would not have imagined his life. Their marriage lasted 32 years and shows how important it is to have a good energy matching between partners to create a strong relationship.
Henry Ford and Clara Jane Bryant Ford
The couple first met at the New Year’s party in 1885. Clara was very supportive of her husband, who, after his success, said how much he owed his wife and that their wedding day was “the greatest day of his life”. They were married for 59 years, and our algorithms confirm they were a perfect match.
Samuel Moore Walton and Helen Robson Walton
Helen and Samuel met in 1942 and within a few weeks after meeting they were engaged and married in 1943. The couple had four children together. Samuel called his wife one of his best advisors. Their high result of energy matching confirms that they formed a harmonious duo together.
Thomas Alva Edison

Mary Stilwell

Mary and Thomas met while working together in the lab when Mary was just 16 years old. Two months after meeting, Mary married a famous inventor and they had three children. Their marriage lasted 13 years, until Mary’s death in 1884.

Mina Miller Edison

After the death of his first wife, Thomas Edison married Mina Miller in 1886 and their marriage was a remarkable partnership. Mina was quite different from Edison’s first wife, she was able to match her husband and thus became a loving wife, companion and housewife who always supported her husband. Their relationship lasted 45 years and our algorithms confirm that they were true soulmates.
Conrad Nicholson Hilton

Sári Gábor

In 1942, Conrad Hilton married an actress named Zsa Zsa Gabor. They had one child together, a daughter Francesca. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, only five years, until their divorce which took place in 1947. Our algorithms show that the energy flow between the partners was weak and the lack of compatibility could have contributed to the impossibility of creating a strong and long-term relationship.

Mary Frances Kelly Hilton

In 1976, Frances married a family friend, Conrad Hilton. Unfortunately, their marriage also did not last long due to the death of the businessman in 1979.
Cyrus Hall McCormick and Nancy Maria McCormick
In 1858, Cyrus McCormick married his secretary, Nancy. The couple had previously met for two years and had many common views e.g. on business, religion or politics. Together they had seven children. Despite the large age difference (26 years), their relationship and a very high result confirm that in love, age doesn’t matter.