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The following couples confirm the authenticity of our algorithms.

Francis Albert Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra

Nancy and Frank dated as teenagers, then married in 1939 and had three children together. Although their marriage didn’t survive, after their divorce in 1951, they were still good friends. Our algorithms show that their energies matched well, so that even after they split up, they remained on friendly terms.

Ava Lavinia Gardner

Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra’s relationship began as an affair while the musician was still married to his first wife. Their marriage, though passionate, was very turbulent and ended after a few years. According to our reliable analysis, the result of their energy matching is not so good, and the lack of synchrony could have been the reason their relationship didn’t last.
Michael Joseph Jackson

Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa and Michael met at one of Elvis Presley’s concerts when they were children. Then they had no contact for many years and met again as adults. Their love story was quite turbulent and their marriage lasted only 20 months. Our algorithms confirm that, unfortunately, they were not the best match.

Deborah Jeanne Rowe

Debbie was the second wife of Michael Jackson and the mother of two children. Their relationship, which didn’t last long, was controversial from the beginning because according to the opinion, it was supposed to have only a formal character. Although according to our algorithms, they had a chance to build a good relationship.
Louis Daniel Armstrong

Lillian Hardin Armstrong

They shared a passion for music. Lil Hardin and Louis Armstrong  married in 1924 and it was the musician’s second wife who supported him in his early career and encouraged him to become a solo artist. Although Hardin and Armstrong separated in 1931 and officially divorced in 1938, they remained friends for life.

Lucille Wilson Armstrong

Lucille Armstrong was the fourth and last wife of the musician. They met in late 1939. Apart from the age difference, there were many things that separated them – he was a famous musician and she was just developing her career in show business, he had three failed marriages and she had never been in a serious relationship. Despite many differences, they remained married until the musician’s death in 1971.
Samuel George Davis Jr.

May Britt

He was one of the greatest artists in the United States, she was a Swedish actress. Their interracial marriage was one of America’s biggest scandals of the 1960s. They risked a lot to get involved in this relationship, and although their marriage ended in divorce, they show that it is worth risking to find love.

Altovise Joanne Davis

Altovise met Sammy during a Broadway performance and they immediately liked each other. Altovise even became a singer and dancer at a nightclub created by the musician. Together, they adopted a son named Manny and  were married for more than two decades, until Sammy’s death. The result of our analysis shows the high synchronicity of their energies, thanks to which they managed to build a strong relationship.